Acrylic, digital and mixed media paintings

Acrylic, digital and mixed media paintings
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Friday, December 31, 2010

resume 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

the Cosmic Blues Collection - new ring with campo del cielo meteorite

copper brass silver bezels lapis lazuli 7 mm 3mm meteorite campo del cielo size 6.5

In 1576, the governor of a province in Northern Argentina commissioned the military to search for a huge mass of iron, which he had heard that Indians used for their weapons. The Indians claimed that the mass had fallen from the sky in a place they called Piguem Nonralta which the Spanish translated as Campo del Cielo ("Field of the Sky"). The expedition found a large mass of metal protruding out of the soil. They assumed it was an iron mine and brought back a few samples, which were described as being of unusual purity. The governor documented the expedition and deposited the report in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, but it was quickly forgotten and later reports on that area merely repeated the Indian legends. Following the legends, in 1774 don Bartolome Francisco de Maguna rediscovered the iron mass which he called el Meson de Fierro ("the Table of Iron"). Maguna thought the mass was the tip of an iron vein. The next expedition, led by Rubin de Celis in 1783, used explosives to clear the ground around the mass and found that it was probably a single stone. Celis estimated its mass as 15 tonnes and abandoned it as worthless. He himself did not believe that the stone had fallen from the sky and assumed that it had formed by a volcanic eruption. However, he sent the samples to the Royal Society of London and published his report in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.[2] Those samples were later analyzed and found to contain 90% iron and 10% nickel and assigned to a meteoritic origin.[3]
Campo del Cielo is located in Argentina
Campo del Cielo
Location of Campo del Cielo craters

Later, many iron pieces were found in the area weighing from a few milligrams to 34 tonnes. A mass of about 1 tonne known as Otumpa was located in 1803. Its 634 kg part was brought in 1813 to Buenos Aires and later donated to the British Museum. Other large fragments are summarized in the table below. The mass called el Taco was originally 3070 kg, but the largest remaining fragment weighs 1998 kg.[4]

The largest mass of 37 tonnes was located in 1969 at a depth of 5 m using a metal detector.[3] This stone, named El Chaco, is the second heaviest single-piece meteorite after the Hoba meteorite (Namibia) which weighs 60 tonnes. However, the total mass of the Campo del Cielo fragments found so far exceeds 60 tonnes, making it the heaviest meteorite ever recovered on Earth.

Monday, December 27, 2010

temporary versions- new album metamorphoses

the songs of the embedded players are updated automatically as soon as I save a new version, so I don`t have to post a new blog entry each time I change something of a song.
If I finish the album, the final versions will be posted on my electronic music blog.

1) metamorphoses
2) oceans
3)  cataclysm
4) dawn in the forest
5) cataclysm
6) Ice
7) Uruk-Enkidu and Shamhat
8) Dante Astray
9) Other-Worlds

Marine life from the Cambrian period. Virtually all of the modern invertebrate groups made their first definitive appearance in the early Cambrian period.
Arthropoda (trilobites, crabs, lobsters, insects), and phylum Brachiopoda (lamp shells). Along with these familiar groups came more obscure animals such as the Archaeocyatha, which are an interesting assemblage of sponge-like fossils that presumably led a quiet existence on the Cambrian seafloor filtering food particles from the water column. The Archaeocyatha became extinct by the middle Cambrian. A significant geological phenomenon associated with this great diversification of metazoan life is the enhanced record of bioturbation (the mixing of sediments by organisms seeking food and/or shelter) in rocks of Cambrian age. Prior to the Cambrian, most marine sediments were relatively undisturbed by animal activity.
Many scientists correlate the abrupt appearance of skeletons and the burst of biotic evolution in the early Cambrian with chemical changes in the world ocean, specifically an increase in the concentration of oxygen. Many scientists also point to the evolutionary first appearance of predatory lifestyles, with organisms adapting to this new ecological pressure with the construction of protective skeletons and the selection of burrowing habits. (An animal residing beneath the sediment surface is far less likely to be preyed upon.) Still others suggest that the relatively wide-open Cambrian oceans were an ideal setting for large-scale evolutionary experimentation and the origin of Phyla. Regardless of the driving mechanisms, the Cambrian explosion will forever remain one of the defining episodes in the history of life on Earth. 


Read more: Cambrian Explosion - Biology Encyclopedia - body, animal, different, organisms, life, water, first, form


the song is a new version of 2 songs from my album "the epic of Gilgamesh". The 2 songs are "Enkidu and Shamhat" and "Uruk".

In a dark wood, Inferno I, Dante Alighieri the divine comedy:
1 When I had journeyed half of our life's way,
2 I found myself within a shadowed forest,
3 for I had lost the path that does not stray.

4 Ah, it is hard to speak of what it was,
5 that savage forest, dense and difficult,
6 which even in recall renews my fear:

7 so bitter death is hardly more severe!
8 But to retell the good discovered there,
9 I'll also tell the other things I saw.

10 I cannot clearly say how I had entered
11 the wood; I was so full of sleep just at
12 the point where I abandoned the true path.

13 But when I'd reached the bottom of a hill
14 it rose along the boundary of the valley
15 that had harassed my heart with so much fear

16 I looked on high and saw its shoulders clothed
17 already by the rays of that same planet
18 which serves to lead men straight along all roads.

19 At this my fear was somewhat quieted;
20 for through the night of sorrow I had spent,
21 the lake within my heart felt terror present.

22 And just as he who, with exhausted breath,
23 having escaped from sea to shore, turns back
24 to watch the dangerous waters he has quit,

25 so did my spirit, still a fugitive,
26 turn back to look intently at the pass
27 that never has let any man survive.

28 I let my tired body rest awhile.
29 Moving again, I tried the lonely slope
30 my firm foot always was the one below.

31 And almost where the hillside starts to rise
32 look there!-a leopard, very quick and lithe,
33 a leopard covered with a spotted hide.

34 He did not disappear from sight, but stayed;
35 indeed, he so impeded my ascent
36 that I had often to turn back again.

37 The time was the beginning of the morning;
38 the sun was rising now in fellowship
39 with the same stars that had escorted it

40 when Divine Love first moved those things of beauty;
41 so that the hour and the gentle season
42 gave me good cause for hopefulness on seeing

43 that beast before me with his speckled skin;
44 but hope was hardly able to prevent
45 the fear I felt when I beheld a lion.

46 His head held high and ravenous with hunger
47 even the air around him seemed to shudder
48 this lion seemed to make his way against me.

49 And then a she-wolf showed herself; she seemed
50 to carry every craving in her leanness;
51 she had already brought despair to many.

52 The very sight of her so weighted me
53 with fearfulness that I abandoned hope
54 of ever climbing up that mountain slope.

55 Even as he who glories while he gains
56 will, when the time has come to tally loss,
57 lament with every thought and turn despondent,

58 so was I when I faced that restless beast
59 which, even as she stalked me, step by step
60 had thrust me back to where the sun is speechless.

61 While I retreated down to lower ground,
62 before my eyes there suddenly appeared
63 one who seemed faint because of the long silence

Thursday, December 23, 2010

new blog

On this blog I will post the actual work I am on. It will be in progress. All categories will be posted, painting, metalsmithing and music.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

new blog

this is the new blog showing my activities on one page.